• Andrea Miner

Ready to Get Away and Refresh

Have you answered the question “How was your vacation?” with “I need a vacation to get over my vacation?” If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. There is something about going on vacation and doing all the things and seeing all the sights over a few days. What you really need, however, is a wellness vacation so that you can reset and be refreshed.

What is wellness travel?

If you think wellness travel or a wellness vacation involves strict diets, constant exercise, and partaking in activities that are not your cup of tea, then stop. That is not what wellness travel is about. Wellness travel is designed to stimulate your health and wellbeing, physically and mentally. It is a trip away from everyday life that keeps you active and provides benefits long after you have put the photos in your photo album.

Wellness travel is all about resetting and refreshing yourself. Take a vacation at a spa. Go on a yoga retreat. Take a trip where you are hiking every day and enjoying the fresh air and scenery. Unplug from technology and focus inward on your mental and physical wellbeing. Yes, for some people that might be sitting on the beach all day. But if you add stimulating activities around that beach time, you will be better for it.

What are the benefits of wellness travel?

Think about the last vacation you took. Were you tired when you returned home? Did you gain weight because you ate or drank too much? Wellness travel helps you enjoy your destination without overindulgence. You can still take a vacation learning how to cook in Tuscany without feeling the negative side effects of eating too much. Wellness travel helps you find the balance you need to rejuvenate your life, add activity to your everyday wellbeing, and reenergize yourself.

When you combine eating well with physical activity, you not only feel better, but you think more clearly. It can help you reduce the stress that is taxing your mind and body while learning ways to combat that stress when you get home. And, yes, you might lose a few pounds while you’re away, and that’s okay. Wellness travel isn’t about weight loss or getting fit. It’s about relaxing, detoxing, and learning how to incorporate activity, eating well, and stress relief into your daily life.

Isn’t it time to focus on your first? A wellness vacation will help you do that. Whether you want to enjoy snorkeling in Hawaii, hiking in Costa Rica, or a spa in Mexico, there is a wellness vacation waiting for you.

Contact us today and let us help you get ready to get away and refresh.

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