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Are River Cruises Sleepy??

Have you ever considered taking a river cruise for vacation? This is a fantastic way to not only have a romantic getaway but to also see many sites in a short amount of time. River cruises are a popular way to see many places in Europe, with stops along the way to famous cities that you can explore. It is a way to get a taste of an area that you might have been on the fence about visiting. Take a river cruise, see if it’s someplace you want to come back to, and then move on.

While river cruises have been marketed in the past to older generations, they are becoming a popular way of travel for older millennials and the Gen X crowd who are starting to wind down their careers. The best way to start your vacation planning is to decide what you want to see and do. Then you can work with your travel agent to find the right river cruise that fits your needs. Your travel agent will know which river cruise lines offer an active river cruise and which ones don’t. Once you have your cruise selected and booked, the hardest part of preparing for the trip is deciding what clothing you want to wear and how many memory chips your camera needs.

Why not try an active river cruise?

An active river cruise is like a regular river cruise only better. You get to see the sights that interested you in the cruise in the first place but also get to see destinations that aren’t on the usual routes. This gives you are better vacation because you can immerse yourself deeper into the culture of the area you are visiting. An active river cruise is more interactive. Plus, you get to meet all types of people of all ages.

Is an active river cruise right for you?

If you and your partner are looking for something different and are thinking about an active river cruise, consider whether these statements are true for you.

You‘re looking for a vacation that lets you be active.

While you may think of buffets and pools when you think of a cruise, an active river cruise offers so much more. Consider one that offers the opportunity to go biking through the city or a hiking tour or even a running tour. If you are into fitness, find one that offers daily classes so you can keep up your routine.

You can relax while still enjoying all the amenities the cruise has to offer.

When you come back to the cruise ship after a day hiking or riding a bike wanting nothing more than a hot shower and to relax on deck, you can. There will still be all the amenities available for you, from a server pouring your drinks to daily room cleaning. No one is going to think twice if you spend one day wandering the ship and the next active on a tour.

Most of your vacation is already planned out.

From meals to accommodations to ports of call, your vacation is planned out when you book the cruise. All you need to do is decide what excursions to sign up for, and how many you want to do in a day.

You get to see the smaller, quaint towns along the river as well as all the bigger cities.

This is the real beauty of an active river cruise. You get a taste of the region in a way you normally wouldn’t on a bus tour or regular cruise. You get to meet the locals, experience their way of life, tour off-the-beaten-path places that make your vacation even better. Try new food. Try new drink. And find places that you may decide to come back to, especially the romantic ones.

You want the option to travel with your partner, your family, your friends, or even by yourself.

Active river cruises allow you to travel any way you wish. From a romantic getaway to vacation with the guys – or girls – to a family excursion, this is the way to go. Plus, it offers everyone something different to do if you’re traveling with a large group or family. Meet up for breakfast, take different excursions, and in the evening, trade stories over dinner.

Active river cruises allow you to experience something different. From baking classes to castle ruins, you will come home with stories to tell.

Contact us today and let us help you find an active river cruise that fits your vacation needs.

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