About Me

Andrea Miner here! World traveler, mother, wife, friend, and founder of your favorite luxury travel agency Sea La Vie.


I love what I do. Is that a cliche? I don’t care! Everyday I get to work with beautiful, hungry souls who appreciate the little things, love luxury, and can’t get enough stamps in their passport. Every time one of my clients leaves for their trip, I feel the same anticipation and excitement.


Over the years, I’ve learned everyone holds a different image of luxury. My goal is not to box clients into one vision but to allow them to explore what luxury feels like for them. Every itinerary is curated specifically for each individual client’s needs to ensure an experience that can’t be duplicated.


It doesn’t end once I send you on your way. I’m with you through every mile of your trip to help you sidestep any potential issues that might arise during your trip.


My love of travel began back when I was in high school and I’ve been wanderlusting ever since. Mountains are breathtaking and rainforests are a revelation, but most often you’ll find me in or around bodies of water. There’s just something about the sun and the crisp air and the sound of water that gets to me. You’ll notice I work with a lot of destinations on the water - that’s no accident.


Are you ready to co-create your next trip and turn that daydream into a destination? That’s what I thought. 


To get started:


  1. Fill out a short contact form and schedule your consultation.

  2. What do you love? What do you want to see? What makes you feel like you’re on the cover of a luxury magazine? Give me all the details.

  3. Decide what to wear and pack!

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